Iseki News

All-purpose Iseki muscles out bigger tractors

“The ease of operation and weight of the tractor is also an advantage. We trail it between the two properties and it has cut down the use of our big tractors.”

Merv Keevers, Wooroolin, Queensland, Read More

New Iseki on the Paddock At AFL Queensland

“The TG6370, with Turf tyres, is the perfect choice for AFL Queensland.”
Adrian Schilling, KC Equipment Representative., Read More

The Nga Manu Trust Goodmans Contracting

“Iseki are well made and easy to operate…We used it to clear and level the ground for the shed from Goodmans and to lower a track that was too high. The bucket is also used to grade the car park…These tractors have been a boon. We’re very fortunate to have them.”
Rick Goodman, Read More

Municipal Council Demonstration Day, Knox City Council

“The Iseki SF Series Out front Mower develops a serious amount of torque at low revs which gives it ample power in these heavy conditions and can power up inclines”
Chris Dalton - AGCO Area Sales Manager, Read More